Display all the individual and group layouts on the Players list Which are assigened to user created by superadmin

suppose I m superadmin ,and then i create a user and I assigned him one individual player and 2 or 3 group players . Now when I click on the players button in menu and the click on the filter and then click on the Player Group Dropdown and then All Option . On that All Option I want all the players which are individual and assigned to any group should display on the page.
How can I do that ? Please help !

I believe that I’ve replied to your support ticket about it.

Just shortly here, I assume the issue is that when you assigned permissions only to display groups, user will see displays assigned to that group on Display groups page, but those displays will not be visible on Displays page - you will need to assign permissions individually to all displays that user should be able to see, no matter if they are in some display group or not.

what should I do when I have thousands of data ?
Is there any alternative for that ?
Do I have to make changes in code?