Display 3 photos and names from dataset, then display next 3

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First, I’m knew to Xibo so please any assistance offered, keep in mind, I’m definitely not an expert. Long story short, I’m putting together a layout for the church. A friend of mine, quickly put together a sample one night and showed me that what I want to do, can be done. Something happened to my friend and I have not been able to communicate with him for months.

I have enlisted support from Xibo but even they are running into issues and I’m certain, this is not a complicated request.

I have a dataset that has First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, and Photo of our members. In one section of the layout, it’s large enough to display 3 photos at a name along with the first and last name underneath the photo. The 3 member photos and their respective names should stay on the screen for say 30 seconds and then fade off and another 3 photos with the CORRECT names should come on. After cycling through all members, it would simply start over again. I may need to adjust the duration of display time but for now I want to start with 30 seconds.

So a Xibo Support person set this up for me. I didn’t have all of the member photos taken yet so I put a fake headshot of a man for all of the male members and a fake headshot of a female for all of the women members. Just so that I could verify thing were moving along correctly. The pictures seem to rotate in sets of three like they are supposed to but the names are way out of whack. Sometimes the wrong name appear with a person. Sometimes a male name appears with a female member. Sometimes, even the same name appears on the screen at the same time under two different member pictures. The duration for display is set the same for both the pictures and the names. I’m at a loss! The names and headshot photos are being pulled fromt he same dataset but it’s almost like the names are not associated correctly with the photos even though they are on the same line in the dataset.

Before I lost my friend, he had a sample of what I’m asking for up and running in about 15 minutes but the Xibo Support folks are even running into issues.

Can anyone please (in laymans terms) please help me. I have a short 15 second clip showing this section of the layout on the lobby monitor but it’s about a 2MB video clip. I’m not sure if there’s anyway that I can post it on here

Thank you in advance!