Disable an overlay for certain layouts?


I love the new 1.8 overlay schedule feature and use it for a company logo, clock, weather, and a couple of other items that get placed on every layout, all day. It works brilliantly.

Very occasionally however, we are asked to display some full-screen content such as a borderless video.

Is there some way to disable an overlay for a specific layout? I could go in and explicitly schedule these layouts at specific times, and then go and alter the overlay schedule to not display during these same times. But we usually have 10-20 layouts in rotation, all of them just added as they come in, with no particular order and on no particular schedule. So carving up the schedule to enable this is rather tricky.

It would be far better if there was some way to exclude or override the overlay when a specific layout is scheduled.



There’s no way to do that I’m afraid. You would have to use the schedule to turn the overlay off at certain times.


Thanks Alex - about what I figured. Any chance this might be a candidate for a new feature request?


I’ve put your thread in to Features so it’s considered, but it’s not on the roadmap at present.