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I would like to know if you know where can I buy a screen like this running android. I want a screen that don’t have buttons and that not sticking out too much. (I already contact Newad, but they wont let me install xibo on the device)

Hi, we are using the Philips 10BDL4151T.

  • PoE
  • Backcover is also the wall mount
  • no root, so xibo player can’t be updated by CMS. You need to do it manually

PRODVX could be an alternative, as far as I know, they offer root access.

We can update Xibo for Android from the CMS on Philips devices - just for the record :slight_smile:

It’s been available since 2R200:

Our CMS version is Version 2.3.2, installed player on Philips 10BDL4151T is android 2-203 and we can’t run updates by the CMS. I go to displays, select the display, go to edit, Profile Settings and override “Player Version” with a newer version.

Player sees the new version and want to update:

Player thinks it is up tp date:

But still old version is installed, even after a reboot:

That means we told the device to upgrade form the new APK and it accepted it, so it should have done that.

On Phillips, the screen itself does the install as we don’t have permission to do that ourselves. We’ve tested on the Phillips 10BDL3051T/02 that we have here and that works. If its not working for you (and it appears it isn’t) then I’d open a ticket with our service desk and we’ll see if we can get that sorted out.

I have opened a ticket and I have to correct me. We are also using 10BDL3051T:

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Hello everybody,

I am new in the Digital Signage Content. I am looking for a remote managed CMS for our Smart TVs. I am not sure, in the support section they only mention LG TVs, some of you are telling that they are using Philipps TVs. Is there anybody who tried Xibo on Samsung Smart TVs? Unfortunately all our TVs are Samsung.

Thanks for any reply.

Hi Steve_Albergo, welcome to the community!

There is a dedicated Xibo Player for Samsung signage screens, specifically models that are running SSSP 5 or newer. below is a link to the supported monitor list for Samsung devices:

If your Samsung screens are not listed in the above guide, unfortunately they will not be compatible with the Xibo player.

Many Thanks.

We are using Salora Android TV’s
Yes budget screens but just for CMS webpage/picture hosting it’s a perfect and budget based solution. Tried to run MP4 from local but Salora is using an older/slow processor. Youtube from embeded code is working!

I would say, just try installing APK to a android tv… Not sure how Xibo team is supporting APK on androidtv.