Digital Menu Board Project - HELP!

Hi, I’m working on a digital menu board project and have tried to achieve the following design of the menu board…but having some issues, if anyone has tried similar design and succeeded, please help!!

  • Xibo Client: 1.7_R57
  • OS: Android 4.2.2
  • Mode: Portrait HD (1080 x 1920)
  • Regions: two regions on one layer and three regions on another layer
    A) background region: Image in 1080 x 1920, menu board items
    B) foreground region: animated content (e.g. 340 x 840, float over on white bg for simple animation) - clip length is about 12 seconds
    C) foreground region: the second animated content - clip length is 20 seconds long.

For the region B), I’ve come to learn that both .SWF and .GIF are not supported on Android OS, so I’ve converted my .SWF into .MP4 file formats (with white BG).

When I created a region B and assigned 12 second long video clip with “0” seconds for the video (for playback with its original clip duration/length) and have set the background image to run for 600 seconds (10 minutes), as expected, vide clip flickered at the end of its duration as well as the entire display flickered.

Creating two regions with two different video files resulted on even worse flickering outcome.

In addition to this flickering/blinking issues, each overlay regions with MP4 files showed borders around the regions.

---- As a plan B, I’ve created an animated video on to run as background with content embedded in 1080 x 1920 resolution and another full screen image in transparent mode as an overlay -> this actually resolved the border issues, however, still there is a quick blink/flicker at the end of each video file…

I was hoping if anyone has tried to use video region as an overlay on top of the full screen image without any flickering or blinking issues…

It is a menu board content so certain regions for menu items do need to remain static without any motions or screen blinking.

Is this possible to achieve using Xibo on Android???

Please kindly share your experience and advice.



The blinking/flickering is somewhat device dependent.

We have an early release 1.7 series client that uses a different video rendering method which may solve the issue for you. If you’re willing to test and report back I can PM you a link for the download?