Device in "unknown display status" - invalid license


6439 2015-12-21 15:33:26 Client
LayoutStatusUpdateDispatch - Run This display client is not licensed
6434 2015-12-21 15:09:04 Client
LicenceCheck - Local Illegal character in scheme at index 0:

this unit was working fine, now says its not licensed (trial license expired), we have 5 licenses and 5 devices…
I had 2 other units that did some crazy stuff today, but they are now online and only this one seems to be having issues.

i’ve restarted, still same issue, tried to re-assign license on the device… where it then says this device isn;t licensed…

[EDIT] Andriod Version: 1.R57
[EDIT] Server side says the device is licensed, but on device says trial expired…

any help appreciated.


Check that the date, time and timezone are correct on the Android device.

If it’s still not licencing after that, remove it from the Android Licence pool in Customer Portal and then re-licence it.

Failing that, please log a case with the Spring Signage helpdesk and they can work through it with you.

Best wishes


Hi Alex,

did as suggested, still not activating… will contact support