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Dear Xibo Community and Developers,

We have been loyal users of Xibo with Windows Players for over seven years. However, our signage PCs are not UEFI compatible and lack TPM for Windows 11. Consequently, we are transitioning from the Windows Player to the Linux Player. Upon doing so, we noticed that the Linux version seems to be lacking in certain features, particularly touchscreen and mouse support, which are essential for some of our displays.

Could you please provide some insight into the current development status of the Linux player? We would like to know if its development has been paused or if there are plans to continue enhancing it in the near future.

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Latest update - About Xibo for Linux

seems like you guys need to invest in getting new hardware for you´re players or use Xibos own players :slight_smile:


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As the post linked indicates, we’re hoping to make progress on this project as we move into 2024. I couldn’t say whether you’d be able to run the new Linux player (when it comes) using 7 year old hardware, but if it is of a reasonable specification and condition, then I don’t see why not.

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Thank you for your responses. I’m eagerly anticipating the new Linux Player! However, I find it bothersome that the Linux player is given a prominent spot on Xibo’s homepage despite the absence of any recent updates.

As for hardware, the players handled the Windows version without any issues, and our move to Linux is a step to future-proof and enhance the security of our network. Logically, I would expect Linux to be less resource-intensive than Windows. :slight_smile:

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The operating system might be less resource intensive, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the player can/will be. We aren’t setting out to make it resource intensive :smile:

We felt that it was fair for a community developed player to have the same prominence as the players developed by the Xibo team. I agree with you that it has become harder to honour this as the gap has become wider. This is one of the main reasons for us taking an active role in its development.

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