Develop Custom Modules


I want to develop custom module in which my custom API requests and responses will take place.

According to Xibo links, there are less information regarding that. Can anyone guide me through any examples or steps ?

Hi, I am in the process of building my first module for xibo 1.8 too. Though I haven’t figured all things out so far, as a first step I would advise you to download the xibo-cms source from here, take a look at the modules folder and study the code from a pre-installed module (ticker is one that covers the scenario of requesting external data). Unfortunately there is no development guide, the modules documentation covers only the basics and things are a bit more complex in the latest version compared to 1.7 (you need to be familiar with twig templates).

You’re right, it does only cover the basic things at the moment. I’d be more than happy to accept any contributions to the documentation though :wink:

The basic premise is that you add classes in the Xibo\Custom namespace to the /custom folder. These are auto-loaded by the stack (application logic) so that Xibo can create them and call their methods.

You then need to get your module in the modules table - either by knife and forking it (inserting it yourself) or by providing a modulename.json file which describes how Xibo should create your object when it tries to install it.

The best thing to do at present (as suggested already) is to examine one of the existing modules (like Twitter).