Design breite over 800

Hello, Unfortunately, we get it not , to get the design width on 800th our screen is completely filled in the amount , only in the broad not . can anyone help us ?

I am sorry, could you please try to rephrase your post, as it is now I am really not sure what’s the problem here.

If you layout has resolution let’s say 1920x1080 and your display device has the same native resolution, the your designed layout will fill full screen on your device, if you wish to use portrait resolutions 1080x1920 your device needs to be able to display it (android devices will need special firmware).

If you are talking about designer width/height then it’s normal to be 800x450 or 450x800 etc, but that’s just the designer width/height not the actual resolution.

I think you mean you can’t change the designer width and height. Check this topic, I just asked the same question:

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Good Morning,
I have the problem that my resolution on the screen as well as in Xibo to 1920x1080 (16: 9) is set. Actual pasted image but does not fill the screen. Also “center” or “stretching” is useless. We have attached a picture.

If the layout is set to 16:9 and the image is 16:9 then the screen resolution on your player isn’t 16:9.

If they’re all 16:9 then the image will fill the screen. If it isn’t then one of those isn’t the size you think it is.