Deleting media items and layouts

Hi guys,
we finally have been able to upgrade from version 1.8.1 to version 1.8.10
After doing some checks,
i have not noticed anything new in the new version, was 1.8.10 just all bug fixes or was there any new features?

How about deleting of media items and layouts by selecting several at the time?
do we still need to delete the media items and layouts one by one?

I do very much hope this feature is available in the next version because it is annoying to delete media items one by one specially when you have way too many of them.

Many thanks!

Releases in one major series are mostly for bug fixes, although we definitely had a lot of enhancements and I believe 2 new modules since 1.8.1.

You’d need to go though release notes for each version to get the exact details for it.

It is possible on Layouts page (and I’m fairly sure it was in 1.8.1 as well), there is no multi select action button on Media Library page yet.

You can, however use tidy library to remove all media files that are not in use, which perhaps would make this process easier for you.

Thanks Peter! :grinning:
Tidy library however is not a proper tool IMO.
Tidy library has no options of what to delete and what not to.
In most scenarios,
user want to work as following,

  • sort the items by date, select all and delete them or simply thick the items that are no longer needed and click to delete.

Most users does not want to delete everything that is not in use, they want to be able to decide by themselves what is needed and what isn’t.

If a media item or a layout is not in use, that in most cases does not mean it no longer is needed.

I am still hoping to have options for selecting items and deleting them.

Best regards

It is there for layouts, we will add it for Media page in 1.8.11 -

Thanks Peter! :grinning: