Deleting display and adding to the group troubles on ver 1.8.11

Hello Gentlemen!

After upgrading to ver. 1.8.11 (via docker) is having permanent troubles with:

  • deleting any display
  • manually adding members to the Display Group
    Result is always the message: Unexpected Error, please contact support.

What could it be the reason of that error?
Thnx in advance for the prompt reply.

Trying to remove tags in Edit Display - the same error occures.

That would be this bug -

It will be fixed in 1.8.12.

Technically there is latest docker image available which is pre-release 1.8.12 with several fixes in it, however as it is pre-release we’d recommend to wait for the full 1.8.12 release before upgrading.

Apart from other bugs/enhancements that will be added to 1.8.12, we will also need to make some adjustments to how we check the mysql constraints on upgrade - as for example current pre-release image will show an error about it on upgrade, that’s why I’d recommend to wait for the full release.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply.
All clear for now. We will wait for new release.