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I’m testing the CMS and Android app. When I delete the display from CMS the android app still has the address of the cms and the secret key, and plays the layout content that I assigned to that display! I thought when I delete a display (according to the message that you get when you delete) the device should not be able to connect or have any content from the cms.

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Hi im571, welcome to the community!

I can see in your message there are couple of slight misunderstandings of the behaviour you are seeing. When you connect a player to the CMS, the credentials for that CMS will be stored locally on the device running the player. Once the player has those credentials, it will continue to use them to try to connect to that CMS. With this in mind we would recommend uninstalling the Xibo player from your device alongside deleting the entry in your CMS.

Please also note that a player cannot simply retrieve data from your CMS if it is not authorised. When a player connects for the first time, it must be authorised in your CMS before it is permitted to download any files. If you delete the entry in your CMS, the player will continue to connect to your CMS but it will not be authorised to download any files.

The final element I wanted to point out is how content is stored and played back on the players. After you connect a player to your CMS, authorise it and schedule content, a schedule will be created that by default is for the next 2 days from the date the files were downloaded. Deleting the player entry from your CMS will stop any further updates to that schedule, but in the meantime the player may have up to 2 days of schedule stored locally on the device. This could explain why you are still seeing content on your player after you deleted the entry from your CMS. As mentioned earlier, uninstalling the player from your device will clear the data stored locally, not being authorised in your CMS will stop it from downloading further data.

Many Thanks.

Hello DanBW,

Thanks for the clarification.

  1. Since the local player stores content for 2 days, if it doesn’t have internet connection will it continue playing the same content that it has?

  2. I think the player plays the content as a video, therefore it is having some sort of a timing, can we have static content so it doesnt play as a video?

Thank you for your reply, glad the information was helpful. To answer your questions:

  1. As long as the content that is scheduled to the player does not require internet, it will indeed continue to play the scheduled content saved locally without internet for up to 2 days by default.

  2. When a video is scheduled in a layout, it will play as a video only, it cannot be set to show a still image from the video instead. The alternative for this would be to take a screenshot of the frame you wish to use as a still image and use the Image widget to display that in your layout instead.

Many Thanks.

Sorry, maybe you didn’t understand me.

This is what I meant:

  1. Will the content run after the 2 days if there is not internet connection?
  2. For this I wanted to know, is every content shown as a video? because I setup a layout and I can see that it replays every 60sec. So my question is, are all the layouts played as video in the android player?

Thanks for clarifying your questions:

  1. After 2 days, by default the player will no longer have any new schedule information. If the player is unable to retrieve a new schedule from your CMS, it will begin to show the default layout instead. The role of the default layout is to be shown if:
  • There is no schedule to show.
  • There is an issue with the scheduled layouts.

If you do not have a default layout set for the player, it will instead show the splash screen.

  1. Not every content is displayed as a video on any of the Xibo players. Each media type has a dedicated widget you can use in your layouts. Below is a link to the Modules documentation, so you can see the full list of widgets down the left hand side of the page and click the ones that interest you for a brief overview of how to use them:

You are correct that the layout will have a duration that it will play through until it gets to the end of the longest region in your layout. After this it will reload and begin to run the content in the layout timeline again.

Many Thanks.

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