Delays Changes after layout published

Greetings Mr. Alex, Daniel, Dean…good to be here again after a long a while…I lost all my data and i had no backup so i just started xibo all over again. before my data loss, i had 2.3.6 version on docker. Now back on 2.3.11. I had a 404 error while connecting the player but that was caused by my nginx server block.

now am online…i noticed when i add an image to the layout then publish, it takes longer to take effect on side of the player even though i set the COLLECT INTERVAL is set to just 1 minutes. before typing this report, I had added an image about 8 minutes ago and it still haven’t shown up on the player yet…if i remove a media from a layout, it takes long for the player to aware of the changes and so it takes longer for that deleted image to be excluded from display

when i assign a new layout to this same player, it takes effect within 1 minute which is great!

Use the Global Timeout? set to off

what could be the issue? my player version is 2R201 on windows 7 64bit, and a reverse proxy