Default settings for transitions

It could be a good idea to have an option to set a default setting for transitions.
For example fade in/out for images, 1000 ms - so you would not have to do this for every image.

if you want to add a default transition for images per example here is what i did :
Go to the modules folder and look for image.module.php
open the file and look for public function SetRegionInformation($layoutid, $regionid)
you will find :
// Any Options
$this->SetOption(‘uri’, $this->storedAs);

add the folowing :
$this->SetOption(‘transIn’, “fly”);
$this->SetOption(‘transInDuration’, “1500”);
$this->SetOption(‘transInDirection’, “N”);
to make the default transition fly north for 1.5 sec

for text in the timeline how can I do the same ?

Look for the file : text.module.php, go to the function AddMedia() and
before the end add the following to make the inTransition random otherwise
you set it manually:

$trs = rand (0,1);

switch ($trs) {
    case 0:
    $this->SetOption('transIn', "fly");
    case 1:
    $this->SetOption('transIn', "fadeIn");

    $this->SetOption('transInDuration', "1500");

$trs = rand (0,7);

switch ($trs) {
    case 0:
    $this->SetOption('transInDirection', "N");
    case 1:
    $this->SetOption('transInDirection', "NE");
    case 2:
    $this->SetOption('transInDirection', "E");
    case 3:
    $this->SetOption('transInDirection', "SE");
    case 4:
    $this->SetOption('transInDirection', "S");
    case 5:
    $this->SetOption('transInDirection', "SW");
    case 6:
    $this->SetOption('transInDirection', "W");
    case 7:
    $this->SetOption('transInDirection', "NW");

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Thank you very much !

Hi Peter,
i have been looking in the default transitions, but this is not implemented (yet)?
When I am on a cloud hosting I cannot change these settings myself, am I correct?

Regards, Peter

It’s not implemented and not in the roadmap as far as I know.

Also you’re correct, as that would require direct code changes, that’s not possible in our Cloud - keep in mind also that the code snippets here are from 1.7 series.

Any wayt to set up transitions at layout level. So that all content under a layout will use these trasition settings?

A ‘Default Transition Duration’ was implemented for V2 which is available from the ‘Settings’ page under the ‘Defaults tab’:

Work is currently being completed to bring a ‘Default Transition Type’ for In/Out and is planned for the 2.2.0-alpha2 release.

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