Daypart Problem for Android

Hi , I am using CMS docker 2.3.9, I am using client Android 7.0
I have got some problem , I want to use daypart wiht custom ,
for example : x layout wil work between 02.03.2021 18:00 - 02.03.2021 18:15
I programmed Schedule daypart custom , but Android player is not work, but windows player is fine no problem, Android player version v2_R211

Thank you for your post tecocms.

Could you confirm the following:

  • If you go to the displays page in your CMS, what does the icon look like in the status, Authorised and Logged in columns?
  • Can you send me a screenshot of the status logs from that Android player in a private message? Here is a link to a guide that explains how to access the status logs directly in the player and remotely via your CMS:
  • Can you also send a screenshot of the scheduled event you created in a private message as well?

Many Thanks

Hi I check android system, I saw this problem, General informatin date 2021-03-03 09:41 but, system time 10:41 so daypart custom dont work, I check server time , and android system time , all time is 10.41 but general information time -1 hours, how can I solved this problem,

I added daypart custom 09:41 - 09:51 system is ok. no problem

Thank you for your messages and please excuse my delayed reply. It appears you have located the issue and the reason why the player is not showing the content at the time you would like.

Please can you try the following:

  • Go to the system settings menu in your Android device and make sure the time, date and time zone are definitely set correctly.
  • Once you have done that, please go to the Displays menu in your CMS, click the button at the end of the entry for this player and choose edit from the menu. Now go to the Profile Settings tab and look for the entry named Use CMS time. Please make sure this is set to false:

  • Please create a custom schedule again but make sure that you do not tick the Run at CMS time box, shown at the bottom of my screenshot:

Please can you let me know if the issue persists after trying the above suggestions?

Many Thanks.

hi , my location GMT +3 I check Android device is +3
my cms system Europa + 3

Android Device Time + 3

but Android Player general time and CMS time

I change android device system time +2 , Problem is solved, but everything +3 GMT only android device +2 system is ok

Thank you for the screenshots and extra information. This is very unusual behaviour which I cannot replicate on my Android devices. I suspect this is somehow related to the device you are using. I did also notice that your screenshot of the Use CMS time entry shows a tick in the field on the left, which switches the time to CMS instead of using the local time settings:

Could you click the red box with the white X to remove that setting, then save to confirm the change? You will then need to wait for the player to connect to your CMS and receive that change of settings. Does that help to resolve the time issue? if not, then it appears that the other solution you found would have to be used instead.

If I can replicate this on my devices I will report it to the developers to be fixed but I suspect this is either a setting or device issue.

Many Thanks.

hi , I tested “Use CMS Time” tick and or not think, but the result has not changed , so I setting Android box time set +2 GMT ,system is working now, thanks for information My friend, have a nice day

Thank you for testing the Use CMS time setting and sorry to hear it did not resolve your issue. I’m glad to hear you have found a solution by changing the time zone settings to +2, this is great news although I must admit a little unusual considering you require +3. I hope you do not encounter any further issues, all the best with your Xibo setup.

Many Thanks.

Thanks my friend, My location istanbul +3 GMT

For example : time is 14:23 now, Android tv time +2 GMT is 13.23,
for example I added layout daypart custom 14:25 - 14:30 , Android time is -1 behind but it works completely without any problems. ( I check Andorid device 13:25 but my campaing show on screen) then 13.30 layout is stop. its play perfect :slight_smile:

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