Date and Time from Server Side


I am using win clients. I am using some javascripts to show the date. Everything is ok but I want to show this date from my server time. Clients don’t have internet connection, so the time is mixing for every client. This is very big problem for me. How can I show server date and time in my clients?

If I use clock module is it ok?


This is a problem in any situation like it. You need either SUPER accurate clocks in the Client machine (they are available as PCI cards) OR a link to a central clock.

Typically central clocks are via the Internet or a Local Network.
The other type is Radio linked to something like GPS, Cell Towers, or WWV in the US (similar sites in the rest of the world).

You have to weigh the costs of each option. But they will never be in sync otherwise.

Accuracy is based on the source… not the software on the client machine.

IF you have a direct link to your server… you need to have it provide the time to the client (often). To do this look up “Network Time Servers”

Here is one resulting Link from that search: They are very up front with the info about NTP and that most servers / clients can already do it. Just not super precision. Read the entire page… they give info on pre-existing options for you. If you need microseconds… they have some interesting NTP service appliances… check their product info.

As an added side note we are hoping to include a function to use the CMS as a source of time - most likely in 1.8.

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