Date and Time format?

This is a first post for me and it is a very basic one … btw. I did try searching through posts but that didn’t get me anywhere …
Anyway, here is my question:
I would like to display the current Date in this fashion … June,10 2019 … this should be simple looking at instructions on this page
and I tried [F, DD YYYY] the result was ‘F, 10 2019’ … not what I was hoping for … I also tried [F], [dd yyyy] … no dice here either I also tried the ‘M’ option for a truncated month name … no luck either.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Ulrich

Onde você quer mostrar a DATA? em um layout?

LOL sorry … Je ne parle pas français … Deutsch or Egnlish only :slight_smile:

My apologies … Eu não falo português … I thought it was French … silly me !

Are you wanting to display this format in a Layout? If so what Widget are you specifically using? Could you also confirm the CMS version you are using.

Thank you

Hello Natasha, we are still in the trial phase (hopefully not for much longer) and we are running Version 2.0.3 .
The widget I am using is the clock widget (seemed easy enough)
Using this code instead of the clock.
Which produces 06/11/2019 , which is OK but I think it to be nicer saying June,11 2019. Now the comma and the space is no problem but the [F,DD] [YYYY] just didn’t work, the ‘F’ is just displayed as ‘F’ not as the month name, I also tried [M],[DD YYYY] and that didn’t work either (ther 3 letter truncated version of the month).
This is not a big deal … just my version of aesthetics :slight_smile:
Thanks for your reply.

Hi Ulrich

The Clock Widget is formatted using moment.js so you would need to use MMMM for the full month name. Available formats for this widget are shown on the bottom of the manual page here:

Thank you

Thank you so much Natasha !!! Perfect, that is exactly what I needed and the link to the documentation site was an added bonus.

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