DatasetTicker doesn't link to the new dataset updated from API

Hi all,

Currently I’m using XIBO CMS version 2.2.2.
Currently I’m creating some application to update a datasetTicker region of a layout.
The update has been succesfully done along with the snippets used in the template.
However it seems like the datasetTicker can’t get the data from the new dataset.

I try to create new region with new datasetTicker, then mapped it to the same dataset, the snippet works.

Anything I missed?

oh, 1 update : when I select the snippet, it still mapped to the old columnID of the dataset. it’s not refreshed.


You’re right, if you switch for a new data set, then the old snippits won’t line up anymore.

Snippets are free hand at the moment, so you’d have to use the API to get a list of columnId in your old dataset, and in your new dataset, and then replace the snippets manually in the template.

Not ideal I appreciate, but those snippets being free text makes it rather tricky.