DataSetTicker and DataSetView header and footers

I would like to be able to have title / headers / footer to DataSetTicker and DataSetView widgets.

User Story
We have a layout used in school that puts all sorts of information. One region displays school news and photographs, another region (marked in red) shows a different type of information, for example, word of the day, current after school activities, this week in history. One item I would like to add as a DataSetView would be room changes. However I would like to be able to have “Room Changes” as the title to the widget on the region. Currently I cannot do that, the DataSetView works and using stylesheets adapt it to our preferred colour scheme. What I cannot do is have a title to the DataSetView widget. I cannot see how I change the current layout to do this, whilst still allowing the other items in the region to be shown normally.

Example layout (blurred for privacy).

In a test layout I get this.

I would like to have something more like. Though I will be changing the colours.

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With the DataSet Ticker you can include text and format as you wish.

Is there a reason why you could not add an additional Region with the Text Widget above the DataSet View Region? That way you can include a header and format as you wish.