DataSets: Truncate even if no data is returned

Why is that? I wondered, why I always have entries but the data source offers none. Now I found, that Truncation only executes when at least one NEW dataset is returned.

Would highly welcome a change here to say, that Xibo should use the datasource “as-is” - even if no data is available currently.

Anyone of the staff could check this? I have to manually delete the data every day (if there is no data for the day) in order to get the old out of sight. This behaviour was definitely not there before the Upgrade to 3.0.2 (upgrading from 2). There must be something going on :frowning:


DataSetID DataSet Description UserID lastDataEdit code isLookup isRemote method uri postData authentication username password customHeaders userAgent refreshRate clearRate runsAfter dataRoot lastSync summarize summarizeField lastClear ignoreFirstRow sourceId rowLimit limitPolicy folderId permissionsFolderId
3 Raumverwaltung PROD 1 1630383626 0 1 GET http://raumverwaltung.jki.intern/XiboOutputV2.php none 0 1 0 1630380602 none 0 0 1 \N stop 1 1

@dan @alex Any advice from devs side? I dont understand how the last update managed to break this behaviour, since the code above was not changed at that point for years :frowning:

Hi, thank you for posting.

I have taken this to the development team to take a look at. As a result they have created the following issue:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, much appreciated :+1:

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