DataSet with POST request: How?

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I am trying to use a POST request to obtain JSON-formatted data from a server. However, my request needs

  1. ONE parameter which is transmitted via the URL (telling the server that I’d like to have data in JSON format, i. e. the URL is
  2. A large block of data which is transmitted via POST and also, like the return data, formatted as JSON.

In XIBO, I tried inserting the URL as stated in 1), choosing POST as method and inserting the whole JSON string as parameters without any URL encoding (as this is mostly needed for GET?). However, I get an error by the server which can’t handle this request. Is it possible to simply add the POST data to the parameters field? Or do I have to write a .php file doing the whole request and returning the JSON, which I then add to localhost’s apache and call it by XIBO?

Thank you for your help for a newbie :wink:

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