DataSet: two datasets update at the same time (v4?)

Also, I have a layout with two different photo data sets, and one shows ads and the other pics. but every time I change on the other changes with it. How do I break them apart and stop treating them as the same dataset?

v4 supports one widget per type per canvas if you’ve used elements to draw out your dataset - this will expand to multiple widgets per type in v4.1 (with a way to choose which widget you’re configuring each element for).

Using one of the static templates for dataset would already treat them independently when they update - if you’re importing something from v3 this is what you’d have.

I think we might need a little more info on what you’ve got configured to understand what’s happening.

in 3.3.7 I have two Dataset Tickers side by side, one that is showing ads and one showing pics of members.

in 4.0.0 rc2 this layout does not work as expected and both dataset tickers had to be switched to dataset picture elements to get the same type of function. but both picture elements are linked to the same dataset, I see that being useful on a different layout I have where I do have a few elements from the same dataset, but even there I do have another element from a different dataset.

hope this make a bit more sense.

OK that’s odd - it should have upgrade that just fine and left you with the same two dataset tickers as “static templates”.

Yes you’re right - currently only one dataset widget is allowed per canvas. To do what you want you need to have two image elements pointing to 2 different widgets. We’re going to add that capability in 4.1.

In the mean time we’re envisaging that you’ll still be able to do what you want using the static templates, so its important we get that working.

If you’re happy to send a layout export from v3 via DM I can have a look and see what happened?

I think its something in the main template. it does not seem to recognizing the variables anymore.

I tried to PM a zip to you but its apparently not allowed. only images.

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