Dataset ticker not available in 4.0.5

Hi, Had a long hard road to get to a new xampp with PHP 8.2 on server 2019. Finally got everything on our test server, but any layout with dataset ticker gives me the error:
This widget isn’t enabled and can’t be configures, please contact your administrator for help.

I’ve verified datasets are enabled in modules.

I have several JS gauges in dataset tickers, so I kind of need them in production.

DataSet ticker widgets should be automatically upgraded quickly after upgrade - if they are not then this is a sure sign that your XTR tasks are not being run (one of these is responsible for upgrading all of the widgets).

Please can you make sure tasks are configured and running successfully: Xibo on a Web server | Xibo Digital Signage

Ah, thank you. I copied the task over fro the old server, but it was not enabled. It looks like it ran through the modules and upgraded the important ones. I had to fix the clocks though.

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Please can you describe what you had to do to make these work? so we can make sure they upgrade properly next time.

My flip clocks and custom date fields became analog clocks. I deleted the old ones and recreated new ones. Screenshots and original configs attached
xibo clock 1
xibo clock 2
xibo clock 3

Thank you - issue reported for this here:

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I noticed that even after enabling the XTR, Dataset ticker widget is still not available, but I don’t get the error I had before. I just can’t create a new one to troubleshoot why my Jquery gauge doesn’t appear ( a major part of our displays)