Dataset Ticker : filter by a dynamic value


I am using the Xibo suite to create dynamic displays for the organization where I work, which manages three performance venues.

I have created a dataset with one row per performance, containing the name, date, time, visual, genre, and producer. I am creating a layout for a screen that will turn on on the day of the performance and show the posters of upcoming performances of the same genre as the performance of the day. I have therefore added the dataset ticker widget to my layout.

By default, this displays all visuals from the dataset without any conditions. I am trying to filter with SQL, but without success. I tried: Genre=(DATE(Date)=DATE(NOW())) and I feel that SELECT, FROM, WHERE do not work in filters.

Can you help me ?


Hi lelvageois, welcome to the commnunity!

I created a simple layout and dataset that has a filter statement which could be helpful to your use case.

For the dataset I added some date rows to filter by as well as a genre and data column:

In my dataset ticker I used the following statement:

NOW() > StartDate AND NOW() < EndDate AND Genre = "Horror"

The statement returned only the data row that is between the current start and end date (tested on 9th January in case you see this post at a later date) and also the matched the genre:

I hope this helps you with the setup you are looking to create.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for your response DanBW, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

I’m trying to retrieve the genre of the show so that I can then display only the upcoming shows of the same genre. For example, today we have a comedy show. I would then like the filter to display only the comedy shows on the screen among the hundred future dates. Tomorrow it will be a rock show, I only want to see that day’s rock show and all this while keeping a single dynamic layout.

Otherwise, indeed, I can make a layout for each genre and program it manually, but if I can save time, I’m all ears!