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android 2-215


So, I’m observing a bug when setting individual durations on a single item, in the dataset ticker.
See example

We have 8 rows in rotation on this layout (8*15) Seconds.

Each row would come up for the set duration but would stay on a bit longer than exactly 15 seconds.

This results in a slip in time and the 8th row ends 3 seconds early. The more rows that you are displaying in the layout. The more the time slips.

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Hi, have you set any transitions between items?

Hi @natasha ,
This is what i have set

Thank you for providing further information, I was able to recreate your issue which has been logged by our development team here:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention

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Powerful @natasha, Happy you were able to replicate. Thanks for following through with this.

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