DataSet ImportJson Api


Hi all,

It would be nice to have an extra parameter in the dataset importjson to delete existing dataset data.

Currently, correct me if I am wrong the, method seems to add and merge data?



Actually it is already possible, however we will need to try and update the documentation for that API call.

Per documentation the json you import has the uniqueKeys which a column name that must be the same in CMS dataSet and the json.
Then you have rows with actual data you want to import.

In a similiar fashion to uniqueKeys you can also have a truncate in your json that takes the value True or False (for deleting existing data before import and leaving it there respectively).

ie for example:

	"uniqueKeys": [
	"truncate": [
	"rows": [{
			"petName": "name",
			"ownerName": "ownerName",
			"aptDate": "2018-11-21 08:30",
			"aptNotes": "notes"

That will always truncate the dataset table first before it imports the rows from json.


Thanks so much! this saved me having extra calls to delete existing dataset data.