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Im a bit lost in the options…
I want to achieve the following:

a layout that displays a list of persons that arent available on the current day.

I have a remote dataset that fetches the information. The information looks like this:
“entries”: [
“response”: {
“status”: 200,
“message”: “”,
“details”: “”,
“eventId”: 0,
“startRow”: 0,
“endRow”: 101,
“totalRows”: 101,
“data”: [
“id”: 85505,
“start”: 1719352800,
“end”: 1719439200,
“employee”: “xyz”,
“firstName”: “firstname”,
“lastName”: “Lastname”,
“prefix”: null

The remote application doenst offer the option to filter on “today” so im stuck with getting all the information of the whole year ! This is ok, since there is not that much data.

As you can see there is a time stamp that gives the “start” and “end” date. I need to filter in Xibo so that i only see the ones that arent available today (so “hard” today, and everyone that is in between start /end"

Hi @Arnold_Naber

Try a dataset filter on the SQL timestamp:

Give us the attempts you have tried.