DataSet Column: how to display multiple lines of information inside one column?

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I am new to Xibo. I am working with DataSet’s. I am trying to display multiple lines of information in one column. But all of my efforts have failed. I have tried < b r / >, /n/r, and I also changed the column type to HTML and placed a complete web page. But, it all seems to be stripped away. Please advise.



Hello and welcome to the Community!

Do take a look at our documentation from our User Manual which further explains the set up and configuration of DataSets which can then be used in Layouts using the appropriate Widgets.

Once you have defined Columns you can then manually use the View Data button to add rows of information to your columns or if you prefer import that information via a CSV file, use the API or remote sync (the manual page covers these options).

Once you add the DataSet to your Layout using one of the available Widgets, you will have further configuration options as to how you want to display the information contained within that dataset.

Do let us know if that does solve your issue!

Thanks, but no it doesn’t. I want to display the contents of one row-field with multiple lines. For example:
Row#1, Field x has this data inside the field:
John Smith < br/>
Professor of History

This should display as:
John Smith
Professor of History

But, it display’s as:
John Smith Professor of History

With that said. I am going a different direction.

I am going to create my own web page that has everything formatted exactly the way I want and then I am just going to use your “WebPage” widget to insert my web page.

Thanks anyway,


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You didn’t notice because you’re new. has this feature.
“Configuration > Show items side by side” check box
has the option. when you do this you can show the contents side by side.

< div>
< span> [item|23]< br>
< span> [item|43]
< /div>

try it like this. it will work.

Thanks! Ill give it a try.

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