Dataset column formula

Hi I’m try to use formula in a dataset column.

I tried to input a formula like “now()” or “RAND()” but whatever I try if I want to view the column data the column with the formula does not show …

What can you do with formula’s in columns ?

Are the some examples ? More info about it ?

I want to split the value from “colum1” based on a specific caracter
I want to extract time from “column start”


So, for example if you have a column called start with the date
you can create new formula column and put the following into the formula field:
DATE_FORMAT(Start,'%b %d %Y %h:%i %p')
that will take the date from column ‘Start’ and convert it according to your formula.

The NOW(), CURDATE() can be used in filter as well, there is an example of that here Using DataSets to display Birthday
including the dataset tutorial linked in the first post.

Hi Peter,

I noticed that you can only see a “formula column” when using in a layout not when you use “view dataset”

So I’m getting closer to what I want to have

Does the date have to be in a specific format before it can be used in a formula ?


So it would be good to have a mysql date format in the column ie what’s used by NOW() and CURDATE() - just so you can easily use it in filter if needed

and then use DATE_FORMAT() in formula to convert the date and presumably display it in the format you want.