Dataset authentication to Guardicore API

I’ve been asked to create a dashboard with stats from Guardicore (agent based micro segmentation).

I have the auth working in Powershell by creating a hash table with the username/password and POST’ing the hash table as the body.
Every auth option and URL encoding option I’ve tried gives me "Invalid credentials","error":"Bad Request","message":"Authentication failed"

Any ideas?

After a long time trying to capture unencrypted traffic from postman and Xibo, I found that the “Data to add to this request” does not send the data the same way it’s entered in the box. I don’t know how to fix it.
{“password”:“userpass”,“username”:“user”} is the way the site is expecting it (JSON string)
%7B%22password%22%3A%22userpass%22%2C%22username%22%3A%22user%22%7D= is the way Xibo is sending it.
How do encode the string to show the correct characters?

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