Dataset auth and token

From a previous post:

We’re trying to get a schedule from a server using their API.
This API requires 2 separate queries:
-One to get the “Bearer token” (valid for 300 seconds)
-Another to get the schedule (using the token received).
How can I perform 2 separate request in one or how can I process this in Xibo?

We are having the same problem. Cisco requires an Auth post which supplies a token with a one hour expiration. The API request requires the token to be supplied, not client_id:apikey. Is there a way to put this in one dataset request, or can I put the token somewhere that another dataset can read and use in the authentication screend?

I fixed part of my problem. I found the dependency option. I created another dataset specifically for authentication, and now have the token in a dataset.

Now, how do I use the replacements field to put that token into the url? Can I use the replacements in both the URL and headers fields? Can I create a date range in the replacement field, or is it better to save those fields in the auth dataset and pull it in to the new dataset?
goal: Get Cisco ETD data from today showing the number of BEC, Spam and Malicious emails received in a dashboard for management.

One problem fixed, 13 more show up.
In a windows command line, I can get a proper curl command to pull back data (not the data I was looking for, but that’s another story).
Cisco needs the authorization token in the header. Adding any combination of {{COL.accessToken}} to the Custom Headers field only puts the actual characters “{{COL.accessToken}}” in the code sent to Cisco. How do I get the value put in the custom headers?
Once complete, I will post a ton of information learned about formatting this and MSQL select statements for what Cisco wants for timecodes.

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