Datachart CSV only one column

I’m using Xibo CMS version 3.1.1
I did search for this and see that some users have experienced this problem, but cannot find a solution. I’m guessing that I’ve missunderstood the process.
I want to be able to upload descriptions and prices for a menu and figured the best way to achieve this is by creating the menu in Excell and then exporting it as a CSV. Then import it to Datastore.
This is where I believe I’ve missunderstood the process, because no matter how I uploads the CSV or choose the parameters, like how many columns, the CSV is imported and when I go to view the data, only one column is visible aout of the 6 in the original CSV.
Further more, should I try and put the datastore in a layout region, and choose the previously uploaded data, the region says there is no data.

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