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Hi, I have a golf club fixture list uploaded as a csv, I can pull the data out of this file and display it within a DATASET CHART, however I want to filter it to show only the next 10 events from the current date , i.e. as an event happens the chart drops that event and bring in the next (10th) event.

Colum 1 is the Date on the csv in the format dd/mm/yy and is defined as a date field within the column

I think I need to use the advance sql clause but it has been some time since i have played with SQL any help appreciated

I would like to achieve the same thing DATE(Start) = DATE(NOW()) did not work for me

Hi There

I fixed it as follows


Where SQLDATE is a column that is formatted in the normal SQL format( YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM)

I then limit the rows to show 10 events, works a dream

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