Dashboard widget not showing on CMS 4.0.5 designer

CMS Version

Xibo 4.0.5 installed on Docker


The CMS version 3.3 was upgraded to version 4.0.5, but the dashboard widget is not showing on the list of widgets in the designer. I have configured the dashboard for Power BI with the API, but no widget. Screenshot below. Any help getting it to show on the designer will be appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the Community!

Could you check that the Dashboard Widget is enabled from the Modules page under Administration from the main CMS menu. Then go to the connector settings to check that the connection to your chosen service is still OK, if not remove the entered credentials and reconnect.

If the connection is showing as OK but the dashboard doesn’t load in the designer (you will likely just see a spinner) then please do open a ticket so someone can take a closer look for you.

If the connection is not OK, but the same credentials then work then check that XTR and all tasks are running properly.

Thank you Natasha. I have been able to add it and it works fine now.

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