Daily Food Menu Feed

Hello, How do I reflect on the screen automatically date and time specified in the daily menu for everyone.

mm, I think I’d need more details…what exactly do you have now and what exactly you’d like to show please?

So you can use clock module to show current date/time (or with an offset if needed)
if ‘daily menu’ is a name of a dataset that you use, then presumably you also have some date/time in one of the columns, so you display that too if you want.

Day Food List the coming of the day when I can show you how my design.It happens when I try to do the Dataset
For example, 02.05.2016 Date of pasta , sweet dishes such as fruit I want to come automatically on the date indicated .

ah I see, so dataset filters then.

so example, assuming that your column with date is called 'Date’
you’d want to use filter like:
Date = CURDATE() or
Date = NOW() or

That will displays only rows for today’s date ie when actual date is the same as in the date column in your dataset.

Thanks Peter but,not working daily and montly list :cry:

Resolved via pm.

The problem was with duplicated column names - column names must be unique otherwise it will cause sql lock and no data will be returned.

Peter , Very Thanks . So Text Effects What Can I Do not Work


So when you select any effect, your ticker will be in ‘single mode’ (ie displayed one item at a time)
you can adjust it with items per page.

What exactly is not working?

Hey @Capture

How did this end up working for you? I’m trying to build out a menu board for the hospital that I work at and was curious…