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Windows R 307.0


For one region I have a couple of dataset-widgets and a sub-playlist widget:

I can’t figure out how to cycle through each item in the playlist each time the first timeline starts again. So each time the playlist plays I would like to have one item from the playlist played (hope this makes sense :wink:

My playlist widget settings are:

Mostly it shows just the first item from the playlist. Although I’m not exactly sure what it does because sometimes another playlist item is shown.

Is there anyway to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Hi sp_etz, thank you for your message. I created a simple layout that included a sub-playlist with the same settings in your screenshot, alongside an image widget:

The playlist has 5 items in it. When I schedule this layout to my Windows R307 display I see it play item 1, then the image. The next time the layout displays I see item 2 and then the image. This continues until I see all 5 items, then the loop starts again. Please can you try creating a simple layout that also has just the playlist and an image and confirm if you see the correct behaviour?

I also noticed that you have another region in your layout that has a duration of 600 seconds. This means that your layout will continue to run until that region has finished. Please note that the cycle based functionality is based on the layout restarting, not each time the sub playlist widget displays.

This is likely why you are not seeing the playlist item change, because while that layout continues to display it will repeat the widgets in the top region and play them again. That will stay on the same item until the layout ends and is loaded again, then it will show the next item. As a test, please can you make sure that the lower region is the same duration as the upper region? This will make sure that both regions end at the same time, then the layout will reload and you shoudl see the next playlist item.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your your answer and tests, much appreciated!

And you’re right; after I have limited the duration of the other region to the total of the dataset widgets plus one playlist item duration, all seems to work well.
Soon I will have another satisfied department :slight_smile:

You guys rock!

Fantastic news, I’m glad that has solved the issue and the layout and cycle based playlist is working as you would like. :slightly_smiling_face:

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