Custom resolution - Android


We are running a fleet of led ad vans. We are currently on windows, but we plan to move to android. We have a demo unit, and i want to set the resolution to 1600 x 900. The DS device only has options for 1080p or 720p.

It’s a long story but basically older LED senders can’t handle 1080p, and have no option for 720p. We have been running a canvas of 1600 x 900 on the pc, and this resolution works for both our NOVA and LINSN screens. We have 2 screen sizes, 1088 x 244, and 1512 x 336.

So is there any way to set the output resolution of the DS device to 1600 x 900?


Hi, welcome to the community!

The output resolutions the DSCS9/X supports are limited to the ones it offers so unfortunately you can’t drive custom resolutions with them.

For further info, resolutions forthe DSCS9:

Resolutions for the DSCS9X:

( 576p 50Hz and 480p- 60Hz are also available just off screen)

Thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face: