cURL X error keeping me from installing

Hi, This is my first installation of xibo. The OS is Ubuntu 15.04 vivid Mate installed on OrangePi -PC arm processor. (chinese-rasberry pi).I just have the one error:“cURL X cURL…” keeping me from getting to next part of install. .
I belive the “Curl” fix is to either create absolute path. i.e. add “curl.cainfo= /etc/path to ca-certificates file”?: to php.ini or download *.pem file rename it as .crt and point to correct location in php.ini file?
Can someone please correct me or point in right direction to get past this error.


You need to follow the instructions on screen and install the PHP curl extension. That has nothing to do with curl certificates.

Assuming the packages are built for arm too, then just following the steps in the manual will get it working (ie sudo apt-get install php5-curl ca-certificates and then restarting Apache).

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I had done that in a disjointed way previously. Installed ca-certificates without combining with installation of php curl, etc…
But, didn’t “quite” get it.
Can’t wait to see xibo running on this tiny little $15 arm device! Even “cheaper” than a rasberryPI !
Got it now, I’m off and running.

OhhhK, now I’m not able to login with a windows client.
Tried all possible combinations user/pass created during install.
anyway to find username/password?
I had a bit of difficulty creating the database after fixing errors (Curl).
So, might have screwed it up then.
Am I able to go into php.ini file to fix?
Or am I missing it on the client “admin” config?
I’m sure it’s right in from of me somewhere.
Hate to have to re-install…
UH OH, I see a few others having similar or exact same problems with no clear answer as to the fix…
Edit: Ok I do see a way to “reset” the SQL admin password… Trying that.

Your administrator account details are nothing to do with connecting a
Windows client. The installation guide covers all of this. I really would
urge you to read it in detail before asking further questions. Also please
be sure to work through the CMS Post-Installation guide too as that will
solve many problems before you encounter them

Went much better after reinstalling LAMP and Xibo cms on the little Arm processor device.
Something screwed up after SQL database install and Xibo cms install not tying in properly.
Got it now. Thanks