Css3 animation not Working in minix neo x5 with kitkat os

HI guys,

We are using minix neo x5 with kitkat os and 2 version of Xibo for Android.

which we use this animation

This animation we make some customize changes which we use css3 property like: Transition, Transform, Scale,
This animation is smooth working in window browser device.
we are facing animation problem.
It’s glitches is not smoothly working in devices. as per window browser animation,

Please help us out to solve this issue and is their any guideline we
have to follow for animation than please share with us.

The X5 is quite old now and is very low power. It’s likely that it simply isn’t fast enough to render the animations you want to show.

You’d need to use a more modern device, or change the animations to ones that will render well on the device.

You may find changing the transparency option to off on your embedded media speeds things up as that will allow the use of hardware acceleration (potentially) but you won’t then be able to overlay your animation on top of other regions.

Thanks alex, for giving me right suggestion,