CSS doesn't work on android player, fine on Windows

I’m using the “embedded” media and inserted some CSS.
When I test this using the preview (on windows) and on a windows client, it works perfectly fine.
However, when I test the layout on an Android client, all CSS formatting is gone.
Why could this happen, and how do I fix this?


As for why:
Windows player uses IE and the Android player uses the Android Browser/Chrome (depending on android version)

As for how to fix it:
Could you please tell us what device and which version of android you have?
Perhpas also paste your CSS here in code tags perhaps @dan will be able to assist you when he will have a moment.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m using the Minix Neo X7 with android verson 4.4.

As for the CSS, I don’t think pasting that will help, as absolutely NO css works.