Creating, assigning and sending commands through the api


Is there any way to create a command, configure and send it all with the API ?



Did you take a look at the swagger UI documentation?
All API calls are documented there


Thank you for your message, I have included links below to the Xibo API documentation, specifically the sections on how to create a Command and schedule it as an Event First you will need to create the Command and set the Command string on the Display Profile being used with your Display. Once the Player has received that on the next Collection from CMS, you can schedule the Command or execute the Command immediately. The latter option requires that XMR is configured.

Below is a link to the documentation for creating and editing a Command:

The below link is to the documentation for scheduling an Event, which allows you to set that Event to a Command:

This final Link is to the documentation for sending a Command to a Display Group:

Many Thanks.