Created users are not seen

I’ve created some users, but from the users list i cannot see they.
The initial filter does not work!
How can i resolve this issue?
Thank you,

xibo 4.0.4 docker

Hi Arturo_Biacona. Please can you make sure you are logged in as a super admin user, so we can ensure you have the appropriate user features to see them?

Also, what do you see when you got o the users page, with no filters set? You can send me that screenshot in a private message if you wish to keep your users private.

Many Thanks.

yes i’m logging with sa user, and i don’t see the users.

I’ve create a group, but this cannot listed in filter User Type …

Thanks for the reply. Apologies but can you show me the whole Users page? Your screenshot doesn’t reveal a lot.


If i filter as Type:

I see the user SA, but i cannot view other users, i can select only Super Admin, Group Admin and Users … Other groups are not listed …

Thank you for your screenshot. That is highly unusual, and there appears to be an issue looking at the NaN value listed when you have no filters set:

Super Admin, Group Admin and User are the only user types. Are you referring to the Roles you can create for new users?

Please can you create me some troubleshoot logs, so I can take a closer look at what is happening when you go to the Users page and see no entries when no filters are set? This document explains how to do that.

I would recommend sending them to me in a private message, as they could include some sensitive information about your setup that you may not wish to make public.
Many Thanks.