Counter Module Alternative


There is a estimative about the counter module working on windows or android?

Maybe I’ll need to implement a simple counter at one of my displays.

The counter module is Just available to Linux clients, so I’m trying a way around using PHP.

The xibo layout will call a PHP that consults a DB for the last record. But to update this value on the display, i’ll need to refresh this PHP page every 3 seconds.
The DB will remain in localhost.

The counter will share space on the layout with regions with another contents.

My question is about the behaviour of this system, this constant consulting to the DB and the constant refresh on Xibo Layout. Could it cause me any problem?

It won’t work if the connection to the CMS fails. You would need to implement it Player side for reliable operation.

It means that any other embedded web page will not work if there is no
connection with the cms?

Webpage media types won’t. Embedded HTML may or may not depending on whether it refers to external resources or not.