Correct Firewall Settings

Hi Xibo people,

i’m currently trying to set up two Android clients (FireTV) on a customers location to access our web-hosted Xibo cms. The two clients got a fixed ip and i’m supposed to set up the firewall to only grant internet access to the domain where our Xibo cms is hosted.

These settings currently include the domain-name, as well as Port 80. Is there anything else i need to add? It doesn’t seem to work yet with these settings…

Thanks a lot!



Hi Sundance

So assuming it’s hosted with Spring Signage, you’ll need to allow outbound access to the following: port 80 HTTP traffic port 443 HTTPS traffic port 80 HTTP traffic

Plus any servers which host content you’re embedding using a webpage media or embedded HTML media.

Nothing is required for inbound access (besides the return connections from the outbound rules above.