Copying Layouts, Media and Displays to new CMS

CMS Version - Moving from 1.8.11 to 3.3.2

Installation Method - XAMPP

Operating System - Windows Server 2016

Hi - when upgrading the CMS from an old non-xampp CMS (1.8.11) to a new xampp CMS (3.3.2) I can’t see which database to copy or directory to copy to transfer all the layouts/displays etc to the new system.

I see C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\data\cms as a directory with seemingly lots of databases in, but it seems there must be a better way than going thru all these to get the info.

I can’t seem to find a user guide online, does anyone know a better way to export? Thanks!

you can go left or right with this. left: upgrade your current cms to 3.3.2 and than export database and import to you new system right, install 1.8.11 on the new system, copy database and then proceed with the updates steps. Either way you could use phpmyadmin to export all and import it back a…

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Thanks Vishal.

With 3.3.2 already on the new system do I have to delete it and start from scratch with 1.8.11.

I am also not sure how to upgrade a current CMS. Is there a good guide on here, as the ones I have found aren’t showing full steps and are difficult to follow.

Thanks again.

Yes there is a manual available from Xibo!

See the option from menu which upgrade is applicable for you. Always make backups first before going for an upgrade!

You could upgrade everything from your old system to your preferred version and than export/import the database.

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Thanks again Vishal. I found that link but all it says is:

Self Hosted

Please select the upgrade instructions appropriate for your installation method to guide you through the process.

There’s no option to select any instructions for an upgrade as it suggests above. Unless there is a link I am missing.

I have cloned the 1.8.11 virtual machine now and am going to upgrade that. I’ve extracted the 3.3.3 CMS zip files but as I mention I can’t find what to do with them.


You need to select the upgrade instructions for your chosen installation method from the left hand menu:


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