Copy Region onto another layout


Is it possible to have 1 region with text from layout A, populate a region on layout B without changing both regions layouts and can just change 1. Looking at text.



You can put your text on a Playlist and then use that Playlist on both Layouts/Regions.


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Dan, @dan

Thank you. Iv setup a playlist with 2 text items, what are the best settings to have that constantly switch between the 2 until that layout expires. And can set fade in or better transitions?


I think you would just set a duration on them both in the Playlist - and then in the Sub-Playlist just leave it at the defaults. Xibo will automatically cycle them for the entire Layout duration.

You can set fade in/out by right click on the item in the Playlist Timeline (or by dragging the transition tool from the toolbox).

Transitions only work on Linux/Android/webOS/Tizen at the moment - although I do expect that we will have a windows player with transition support quite soon (within the next few weeks)

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