content upload problem

Hello and welcome,
I have more and more problems with the operation of the Xibo server installed on Linux CenOS 7 version 3.0.6.
The first problem is uploading content where the file (mp4 movie) is, for example, 220 MB in size.
It fails, the player endlessly tries to download this video over and over again.
When I divide the movie in half of 110 MB, then it goes through.
When the campaign contains several videos and images, it is almost impossible to send them all at once.
I tried to solve this problem by modifying php.ini and mysql files but it didn’t help.

I will add that the player and the server work in a LAN cable.
I rule out the possibility of connection problems.

Another problem appeared quite recently
It consists in the fact that the player has already downloaded content in the past, which certainly has not changed, and yet suddenly from the morning it decides to download everything again
which of course fails because of the first problem I described above.
Of course, I’ve read about situations where the player tries to download the content again, but first of all they have not changed and secondly they are on this player. The question is why he does it
I’ve read a lot about how to solve these problems but it didn’t help
can anyone help me solve these problems?

Please provide us with basic and detailed information about your setup so that we can assist you.

For example, the type of web server, its version, configuration details, PHP version, contents of the config file, Xibo CMS version, and settings related to data provision from the player. Additionally, please include the Xibo Player version and any relevant details from the access and error logs.
Lastly, let us know about your settings for e.g. “max input parsing time, max HTTP POST size, max execution time and max file upload size.”

Hi DanielW,
I use to have this issue too wtih windows player. I didn’t find how to correct this but, Here are my two tips to help. First, I use handbrake to optimize the video
Second, I put more time here to force le display to wait the communication with the Xibo Server maybe the time that the video files is copied on the player.
I think the player reset files transfer at each new connection between player and server ?? Let’s hear some news about dev team.

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