Content devided into multi screern

hello friend,
I have 4 screen each screen have it’s own player, and have different content, but I’m looking to make something like a video wall to display comon video and all the screen (I dont mean same video play on all screen at same time, but like devided the video into 4 parts and all the screen work as one)
it’s possible to do it with xibo or I need something else,

thanks for your support,

You can use xibo for android and use 4 media players, you have to chop the big video into 4 different videos and then tag/target each video to the correct display.

You pick 1 player as the master, and then in your schedules every time player1 has to play the sync video, the other 3 all receive the tcp command and start playing the synced content…

One good example would be at a football stadium, showing food and drinks all independently on their own displays , when the game is over they have a father and son kicking the ball to each other across 75 ft of 50inch displays looking like 1 giant screen.

Youd have to buy 4 devices and 4 android licenses from xibo.

I can speak from first hand experience that when on a wired network the sync is excellent, you’d never know they weren’t all Individual media player.


thank you sir for your help,
can I do the same job with wondows player, as I have intel nuc computer in each screen, so actually I’m using windows player,


I don’t believe that the windows players have incorporated the same android sync function yet.

より優れた Windows プレーヤー。すぐに. !!

okay thanks for your help,
I’m really new in xibo word and I’m still learing,
I have another issue, when I use playlist with many videos, in the transition I saw black screen for a moment can I avoid it ?

You can enable Double Buffering in the CMS within the Display Settings Profile. This will help minimize it. However, you can’t completely eliminate it.

The only semi-workable solution i’ve come across is to change the background color for windows media player to black via the registry. The content in this application is predominantly white, so instead of flashing black it flashes white. If you have a decent GPU, along with doublebuffering, it looks seemless. I found too that the customer usually don’t notice.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00