Connecting to CMS via shell

Does xibo android player support connecting to CMS using shell commands? Something along the lines of xibo -url -displayname display1 -serverkey 123456789 something to that effect?

Hi Jon! As far as i know this is not possible

You could use the HTTP command helper to construct an API call, but you’d need to have the right XML for the SOAP protocol in the request body.

What’s the use case you’re looking for fulfil?

Thanks for the quick reply. Essentially having a virgin android pop up the display code automatically, so no user interaction needed, or pass the cms credentials to auto connect to our cms

At the moment it pops through to the connection wizard automatically and asks you to grant access for location/storage/etc. Unfortunately there isn’t a good way we’ve found to automate that step :frowning: so you’re still needing manual interaction.

If you have a white label you can contact the help desk and we can bake your CMS credentials into the APK.


I was thinking to either install the xibo app as the root user, or set the permissions via adb after. Honestly even if there was a way to make the app show the display code automatically as the default instead of having to click show code would make more sense from a diy deployment sense, or even techs installing and then phoning / emailing in the presented code.

You might be able to grant permissions afterward via ADB, I haven’t tried that. Installing as a root app won’t work though.

I’ll make a note of that for discussion - there were various reasons we didn’t make it the default (although those escape me at the moment!)