Connecting to 3rd Party apps

Is there a way in the Xibo CMS to create an interactive button that launches a 3rd party app? The app would take over the screen and then when they are done, would close back to the Xibo Playlist / layout.

We want to integrate a selfie pic app into the touchscreen.

Android or Windows?
You can use commands with interactive layouts.

Thanks, Vishal.

We want to use Windows.

Is there a best place in the manual for us to look at how to do it?
Is it the API section?

You could check:

I am using webhooks which triggers the layout that is stored on the player via interactive layout. When the layout is triggered, it shows a flashing layout with a warning message in it. You could do something like trigger the app via the command module.

Thanks, Vishal.
Very helpful. We are going to try the command mod widget.

Appreciate it.